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We are a research organization the conducts analytical research and related activities for a variety of entities. While our primary focus is on disabled and disadvantaged individuals, we also perform studies on other populations, such as the workforce, the elderly, medical patients, students, and many others. We can conduct thorough literature reviews, develop questionnaires and surveys, design studies, analyze existing databases, and any other research activity required to meet our client’s needs.

Being a research firm, our primary products are research reports, though we also develop surveys, employment tests, databases, Powerpoint presentations with graphics, EEOC compliance evaluations, and many other tools requested by clients.




Cogentica provides a variety of analytical services tailored to meet the needs of its clients


Cogentica’s experts have years of experience in developing selection devices for industry and education


Cogentica’s experience in this area allows us to help direct you to an appropriate remedy for discrimination with our legal partners and to conduct research to determine whether discrimination has occurred


The following are some of the services we provide directly to our major clients, individuals with disabilities.

Disability Blog

Our disability blog will allow our subscribed (free) users to interact with our guest blog authors and one another in discussing topics important to individuals with disabilities and others who share their interests

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Disability Statistics

This section of our website has a variety of statistics gathered from governmental agencies, nonprofits, and our own surveys. Our subscribers guide us in selecting topics of interest to survey the general population or select populations

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Disability Registry

“The Disability Registry” is a special registry of our disabled subscribers that has been categorized by disability type. This registry is highly confidential with users only identified by a special email. There will be multiple purposes for this registry, including recruitment of subscribers to special disability studies and surveys, for which participation is completely voluntary.

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Disability White Papers

This section of our website contains interesting white papers on studies in the field of disability

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